Digital signage, using LED screens, content management systems and integration with smart, internet of things technology has allowed for more elaborate and unique ways to attract and engage your customer base.

Here are some of the most unique ways we have seen new technology and digital signage used to create incredibly memorable marketing campaigns.

Interactive Billboard

Swedish design house Akestam Holst created not one, but two amazing digital billboards which react to the world around them, for pharmacist Apotek Hjärtat.

The first, Blowing in the Wind, showcased a line of hair products in a truly unique way. The billboards were on subway platforms and had sensors that reacted to the sound of trains reaching a subway station.

Every time this happened, the model’s hair blew as if caused by the train itself, making the advert come to life for its observers.

 An even better example may be an anti-smoking advert that coughs whenever cigarette smoke is detected by the machine and shows a range of nicotine products to help them quit.

Look Up

British Airways combined real-time flight data, GPS tracking and a little bit of pantomime to showcase their range of flights and destinations.

The Look Up campaign activated whenever a BA plane flew over the sign, showing the flight code and destination, whilst a child looked up in awe.

Augmented Reality

Pepsi Max used digital signage and AR cameras in a rather unique way to show off the unconventional brand and its values.

Dubbed the “Unbelievable Bus Stop”, a busy bus stop was fitted with a screen that appeared to show the pavement in front of it, but as well as this it would throw in other bizarre visuals such as giant robots, tigers and UFOs to create a unique advertising experience which naturally went viral.