When it comes to retail, consumers are simply spoiled for choice these days, so it’s essential that brands do all they can to differentiate themselves and make their retail premises stand out from the crowd… and LED video walls are absolutely perfect for achieving just that.

Take a look at the work we recently did for Ribble Cycles, creating a stunning visual and audio experience for their new flagship store in Clitheroe. It’s vital that flagship stores are something truly special, a little different from the rest of the sites in the retail chain, a serious calling card for the brand as a whole.

When done right, flagship stores can really draw the crowds in. The Apple store in New York, for example, is often included on tourist itineraries as one of the top places to go and visit. Why? Because the brand has made visiting it a true experience – which is just next-level marketing, really, and something that businesses of all shapes and sizes can be inspired by.

We worked alongside Stamp Design to help transform the Ribble Cycles site, including an incredibly eye-catching installation of a huge 9.2 x 2.3m Pixite Indoor Series Video Wall in a 2.5mm pitch, creating a visually vibrant 4K resolution LED display. 

The service we provide our clients is entirely bespoke and we build our solutions to suit what you need, so we can achieve brilliantly shallow depths from the wall, with significantly less weight loading than other methods – which is perfect for retail environments, because it maximises the amount of shop floor you have to play around with.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with having video walls in your store – and one of the main ones is that you can really grab the attention of passing trade quickly and easily, displaying custom campaigns, promotions and other images and videos.

They can also be incredibly beneficial once people are in the store itself, as well, and you can potentially influence purchasing decisions by displaying choice pieces of information in various places around the site.

The Ribble Cycles project also involved the installation of two digital signage displays, one for general signage by the door and a huge display to mirror the output from the company’s interactive tablet kiosk, which lets customers design their very own bikes.

This is a really great example of how you can use signage to make the in-store experience a truly immersive one for your customers.

By giving people the option to get creative, Ribble Cycles is automatically engaging with them on a deeper level, helping to drive sales and build a loyal customer base. How could you emulate this to suit what you and your brand have to offer? Get in touch with us today if you’d like any help or advice.