Digital signage at an exhibition can provide a variety of benefits, from wayfinding, updating visitors and attendees about schedules, and even allowing them to participate in the exhibition too.

Whether it’s an exhibition for a trade show or interactive displays for museums preparing to reopen to the public again, any visitor will be coming prepared to be excited about the time they are about to spend at the show. It’s therefore important to maintain their level of excitement and interest, and there’s no better tool for this purpose than digital signage.

We have a look at some of the potential uses of digital signage for your exhibition.

1. Live-streaming

Live-streaming has become a popular and effective way of satisfying customer expectations, by showing updated information, footage from inside the exhibition, interviews and highlights.

With many people possibly not able to physically attend events, particularly guests speakers from overseas, live-streaming panel discussions is a great way to reach more people and can allow people to watch events from a more socially distant vantage point, rather than cram into an auditorium.

2. Higher traffic and better branding

In a trade show environment, digital signage allows for the opportunity for high-impact advertising. Whether it’s on a massive video wall or standard digital displays, they will be noticed by a large number of people, so they should be neglected when planning presentations.

Content that focuses on brand awareness can be included as a short part of your campaigns to ensure people remember as much as possible about your business and remember who and what your brand stands for, even after they’ve left the event.

3. Easier exhibition wayfinding

At large exhibitions or trade shows, digital signage has come into its own with its unparalleled ability for wayfinding and helping users navigate around the space, and help find relevant locations, such as the other locations of your business or partners across the entire showroom.

4. Schedule information

Digital signage can allow you to schedule the content you want to present at the event as an enforcer. You can also display a schedule of planned activities, such as product demonstrations and descriptions, testing, Q&A with the audience, and much more.

5. Product demonstrations

Regardless of the product type, whether it’s hardware, software, or something completely different, a well-prepared presentation is a must. With non-physical products, such as software, it can help to explain what your product does easier than with simply a description.

6. Testimonials

Your customers can also become your strongest influencers, and being able to display unbiased opinions and testimonials will help attract more customers. Always try to include positive and genuine customer testimonials as part of your digital signage exhibition campaign.

Highlight short messages that are very easy to process for the viewer. You can refer to video messages of satisfied customers, but those can sometimes come off as cheesy if not well executed.

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