Staff shortages around the UK are on the rise, as a result of the pandemic and Brexit, with figures from the Office for National Statistics now showing that job vacancies reached record highs of almost 1.2 million in September.

In order to ensure that you’re able to recruit the top talent in your field, it’s essential that you make use of all the best and most innovative tools at your disposal – and this includes advertising screens which could, in fact, revolutionise how you put your recruitment campaigns together in the future.

Making use of digital screens in areas that see a lot of traffic and footfall could help you target people on their daily commute, or those who are simply spending time in leisure and retail environments… and what’s especially useful is how you can utilise digital display ad strategies to target locations where you know potential candidates are likely to be, while building brand awareness.

This type of advertising can help your recruitment team to focus on a specific target audience by using characteristics such as hobbies, location, age, interests and so on – so you’re more likely to find job applicants that are particularly well suited to your brand, making the recruitment process a lot more efficient and boosting your chances of success.

These screens can also prove particularly useful in targeting passive jobseekers, those who are simply waiting until a better offer presents itself before they consider moving from their current role.

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