Digital signage technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years, as they have many advantages over traditional methods. The vivid colour, animation, and sound can command the attention much more effectively than a billboard or poster. Customers and service users now expect them as part of their experience in 2021.

Selecting the right one for your business or organisation takes a little bit of research.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind when selecting an LED video wall or digital signage screen.

The first question to ask is what exactly the digital display will be used for. This is likely to be either advertising products or services, or communicating information. They are now routinely used on public transport, in healthcare centres, reception areas, and within offices and factories.

Next, consider where the screen will be displayed; indoors or outdoors? At what height and distance will the screen be viewed from? This information will influence the size and type of screen that you need. If the screen is intended for outdoor use and needs to be seen from a distance, it will need to be brighter and bigger than one intended for indoor use only.

Another important consideration is the content management function. This can be outsourced to a digital signage company if you prefer, but if you intend to do it yourself, consider whether you have the ability to load and manage content remotely, or if it requires a USB connection.

If you are intending to have multiple monitors over a range of locations, then relying on a USB connection is probably going to be impractical, unless you don’t plan to update the displays on a regular basis. Many businesses now use cloud-based services as a way to securely manage their content.