The modern office space has evolved over the years, and never more so than in the last two years during the pandemic as people adopt remote and hybrid working options. The way we work and the same we work now looks quite different than how it used to, and one change in many workplaces is the role of digital signage.

A recent survey by electronic company Poly has revealed that 58 per cent of workers surveyed in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland and the United Arab Emirates feel they are unable to switch off from work, which can lead to burnout, according to OnRec

However, digital signage in the office can help reduce burnout and stress, and we look at how:

The Office Information Center

The office water cooler was once a place where employees gathered, not only to exchange gossip or chat about last night’s TV but to keep up to date on projects and work with colleagues. Digital signs, far more eye-catching than whiteboards or bulletin/notice boards, can help team members to feel included and up to date on what happening in the office.

When people are informed, entertained, and can communicate with their coworkers, you will find better morale outcomes and less cynical detachment from work.

A Little Fun

However, digital signage need not be used just for information and directives, as it can be used for fun too. Trivia and games help promote healthy competition between teams, while jokes, employee announcements such as birthdays or weddings, and short entertaining videos help break up the monotony of the workday.

Social Connection

The social aspects of work cannot be ignored. While work overall has changed drastically since the outbreak of the pandemic, many people still rely on their connection with coworkers as an important part of their social lives.

Ensuring you maintain a healthy connection between employees will help reduce burnout. Keeping employees informed and encouraging fun competition and a ‘virtual water cooler’ vibe helps build a solid social foundation at work.

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