In-store retailers this year are facing an anxious time over the festive season, as they are keen to make up for last years restrictions, but still battling with high levels of Covid-19. Face masks are mandatory once again in all shops in the UK, so how can the retail experience be made safe and interesting at the moment?


Digital Signage Today reports that interactive LED screens are set to play a big part in the marketers’ toolbox this year. For example, family-friendly experiences will be created with projection technology which uses real-time face capture to transport customers directly into the image; endless fun for children to see themselves as characters on screen!

Flexible messaging systems

Increasingly, traditional retail signage is being replaced by digital displays, which can be operated wirelessly. This allows them to be easily altered to reflect changes of shop floor layout, extra opening hours, social distancing guidelines, and other information that needs regularly updating.

Sales, discounts, and promotions can all be advertised instantly, and rotated as often as necessary. This creates a sense that the customer is in the place to bag a bargain, and rivals the flash offers that online retail giants such as Amazon employs to great effect.

Instant Christmas decorations

Digital screens and projectors are being used in endlessly creative ways by retailers to bring to life the festive season. Some are even using them to replace traditional Christmas lights and window displays, which takes out a lot of work, and is also better from a safety point of view.

An attractive LED window display will draw shoppers in from the street, and also create the perfect background for a selfie, which can then be uploaded to social media. Hopefully the picture will start to do its work as organic marketing for the business!