Digital signage can be found almost anywhere these days, from freestanding digital signage on the street to shop windows embellished with vibrant and colourful advertisements, as well as numerous digital signs adorning the walls of stores, displaying items, deals, and services to customers.

As retailers seek ways to attract consumers in the run-up to Christmas, many are promoting customer involvement with digital sign technologies, increasing engagement with interactive displays. Digital signage is far more engaging for many customers than traditional static signage. This is attributable to a variety of reasons, including the following:


Even with off-the-shelf software. It is easy for retailers to customise the arrangement of digital signage displays, allowing businesses to customise the displays to meet customers’ specific needs. The technology allows for a more personalised purchasing experience and boosts consumer engagement.


Digital signage is much more visually appealing than static displays. They provide vibrant, colourful displays with dynamic and eye-catching content that aims to engage both current customers and new ones. This is why many stores have digital display systems in store windows.

How is digital signage more interesting?

The days when signage simply meant signs are long gone. Interactive digital displays can now be found in a wide range of businesses and places, from shops, bars, and restaurants, to hotels and hospitals, providing a range of functions, such as way-finding, where interactive maps allow you to find your location or intended destination by tapping, swiping, zooming and searching.

This produces a significantly more engaging and intimate experience than merely showing a map on a table placard. Implementing this technology in a retail centre is a terrific approach to improve the customer experience.

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