LED media facades are now an integral part of the 21st century urban landscape. It is impossible to imagine Tokyo, Las Vegas, or London’s Piccadilly Circus at night without the giant digital display boards which adorn the most prominent buildings. They bring life and colour to city centres, with up-to-the minute news and advertising.

As Out of Home advertising (OOH) is more important than ever as a way to reach a fractured consumer market, here’s a look at how to choose the right LED media façade.

Choose a display which is sympathetic to the architecture

It is important to integrate the LED display with the characteristics of the building. This is especially an issue when the building has a special cultural or historical significance.

Modern flexible and transparent designs mean that digital screens are less intrusive than ever before, matching the surface of the structure perfectly, and not blocking light from the inside.

Consider the durability of the façade

The façade should be manufactured to an IP65 rating, which means that it will be 100% rainproof. A very important consideration here in the UK! If the façade is intended for use in more extreme climates, the working temperature of the screen should also be considered.

Normally, the functioning temperature range would be +50°c to -20°c. However, some parts of the world may require +60°c to -40°c, particularly in these days of unpredictable climate change. The material should have built-in UV resistance, and it will also need to be able to withstand dust and pollution from the environment.

What content will the media wall display?

It is important to think about the relationship between the content of the display, the local environment, and the pedestrian and vehicular traffic. If advertising content is to be displayed, how will this be selected to reach the optimum audience?

The great advantage of modern digital signage is that the content can be controlled remotely, and even be programmed to change in response to age and gender recognition technology.

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