Digital signage is an increasingly popular form of visual communication, that is used both outdoors and indoors. Here’s a look at what the main objectives of electronic screens should be, and what the best ways to plan a digital signage installation are.

It is said that a digital screen should be used to inspire, inform, or instruct an audience. Before the screen is installed, all the relevant parties should decide what its main objectives should be.

For example, will its primary purpose be to inform, such as displaying travel information, or menus? It could also be used to instruct, with maps or wayfinding markers, or to provide learning materials for staff or college students. Another purpose would be to inspire, in the form of marketing and advertising messages.

Decide which department in your organisation will be responsible for managing and operating the system. This is likely to include a technical manager who will be competent to run and maintain the hardware, a marketing and communications manager who will be responsible for creating and designing the content, and budget controllers.

Consider if you need interactive technology, particularly if the signage is there to instruct or inform. If the signage is for branding and marketing purposes, you may wish to outsource the design to a specialist company if your organisation does not have a dedicated creative department.  

The location of your signage will be determined by the content. For outdoor advertising displays, you will need to consider volumes of passing foot and vehicular traffic, local population demographics, and the socio-economic groups you want to target.

Take into consideration the requirements of the Advertising Standards Agency when planning the location and content of your screens. Finally, take into account whether you want the content integrated with social media apps or websites, and if you also want it to display on other types of screen, such as phones and desktops.

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