More and more retail businesses have realised the benefits of using digital signage, bringing a revolution in retail. Digital signage allows for instant updates and can work remotely, updating a large network of screens so you can be sure that every branch of your store is up to date.

As seen with this dynamic bespoke wrap-around LED fascia complemented by in-store digital signage at a new WH Smith store in London Stansted Airport, digital signage is much more than just a static display. It can cover a variety of digital signage solutions that can be utilised for a small local shop or a ginormous shopping centre. We have a brief look at these solutions below.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have become commonplace in everyday life, sharing information, advertising promotions, and encouraging engagement. From self-service check-outs to consulting touchscreen displays, interactivity has become the norm.

Interactive displays are visually appealing, as dynamic moving displays grab the attention of consumers, who can’t help but take a closer look. This can mean a customer who may have only a passing interest in your store or brand will be drawn in and more invested in their shopping experience.


A digital advertising sign is a unique advertising channel with unique advantages. Digital signage advertising’s primary benefit is that your business can serve eye-catching and dynamic content to your potential customers. One main benefit is that the displayed content can be changed quickly, which is something that can’t be done with static or print billboards.


Wayfinding signage provides a solution to aid navigation through an environment, for instance, complex buildings such as large shopping centres or university campuses. Signage is a broad term that encompasses detailed maps, directional signs and increasingly digital screens and kiosks.

POS Content

POS advertising has become more dependent on digital displays. Digital signage in Point of sales is a visual communication tool that has the power to engage audiences in POS. They are increasingly taking the place of traditional billboards after proving to be more effective at communicating brand messages and attracting consumer attention.

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