High Brightness, High Resolution & a 24/7 Runtime. Our range of Digital Signage varies from 10″ – 100″ in a variety of commercial grade housings to transform any location with highly engaging visuals.

Pixite® Digital Signage Displays

Our Digital Signage Displays offer completely captivating image quality & an excellent way to communicate compelling messaging to your customers. We stock displays for all occasions including: High Brightness, Menu Boards, Touch Screen, Freestanding Digital Posters, Narrow Bezel LCD Video Walls, Double Sided & Outdoor.

We build a solution that suits you & your business, from the type of display to the media playback control. We offer complimentary training free of charge on install day to get you & your staff up to speed.

Resolution1080p (HD), 4K (UHD)
Brightness450nits to 3500nits
Interactive10 Point Multi-Touch
OptionsWall/Window Mounted, Free Standing

3 Year Warranty across the majority of Displays

The Complete Display Integration

Our knowledge & understanding of what our customers need means we build a tailored solution to your business needs, because it’s the details that matter.


Typical displays have a brightness of 350nits, our premium manufactured Digital Signage Displays can hit over 7 times that.


Our team will install your LED wall anywhere across the UK: London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow etc.

Onboard Media Player

Our displays come with integrated media players to get you up & running in seconds, or we can provide entire CMS’s as needed.

24/7 Support

We’re only a phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions or technical problems. 

Superb Quality. Excellent Longevity.

How to choose your Digital Signage in 3 easy steps?

  • Size & Design

    With displays ranging from 10″ to 100″, we can pick a display to maximise your messaging with stylish mounting options.

  • Brightness

    Displays in window displays require vastly different brightness to those used as menu boards, we don’t try to oversell – we ensure your display is always visible.

  • Content Management

    Content is King – as is the delivery system. Our experts will recommend the correct software & hardware solution for you or integrate into your existing system.

  • Questions?

    Our key focus is to make your life simple, we don’t overwhelm with technical specifications, but offer clear, concise advice that gives you a clear route to completing the installations on time, on budget and to a superb quality level.

Take a look at some of our products below

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Hight Brightness Window Displays

Our focus is on the client, that’s why we don’t just ship displays for you to assemble like some of our competitors, we offer a complete start to finish service. That means we conduct a site visit as part of our process & will discuss with you the best way of mounting and supporting your new displays, most importantly this means we create a bespoke solution built for you.

High Brightness Displays are often the best choice for shop window displays, measuring 3,500nits which is 9 times brighter than your standard home television – this means they are always viewable even in direct sunlight. They demand attention on the high street & can be mounted in a whole variety of ways to be in keeping with your brand identity.

(High Brightness Display Installation)

Why choose Digital Signage?

Impact, Longevity, Efficiency & Cost are the four reasons we always give to our clients when they consider replacing existing printed forms of media.

Impact, moving video content is 400% more likely to capture someone’s attention vs a static image, our beautifully vivid & colourful Pixite® displays ensure constant visibility. The ability to communicate with your customers quickly & efficiently is absolutely paramount as peoples habits change – video is the best way to do this and our 24/7 runtime commercial displays ensure they’re seen at anytime of day.

Longevity, our Digital Signage displays typically come with a 3 Year Warranty because we’re confident in our products & want to build a long term relationship with you and your business. All of our displays are commercial grade which means they come with tough housings designed to be around the general public – they don’t tear or fade like print media.

Efficiency, with minimal input & maximum output through our Content Management Systems you are able to publish content across one or multiple digital signage displays in seconds.

Cost, our displays offer a fantastic value proposition with their long warranties & no more waiting on printers or additional costs for typos, everything can be resolved in an instant. We pride ourselves on offering fantastic quality, spectacular value & a trusted service to our customers with zero compromises.

Content Management System

All of our Pixite® Digital Signage Displays come with built in media players so on the simplest end you can simply insert a USB stick and copy your media directly to them to play your content, however we know this doesn’t work for every business and that’s why we create bespoke solutions matched to your needs. Simply Contact Us to discuss your requirements; want cloud storage or wireless control? Prefer everything to be stored locally and networked in? We can provide clear, concise advice that doesn’t overwhelm or overcomplicate.

(LCD Video Wall Installation)

Digital Signage Applications

Over our two decade history we have installed Digital Signage across the UK & Europe both for indoor & outdoor use. Below you can see some of the most popular industries & uses:

Advertising – For retail shops, flagship stores, shopping centres, large outdoor screens & window displays
Hospitality – For large events, music stages, nightclubs & bars
Outdoor Arenas – Football Stadiums, Music Arenas & Festivals
Entertainment – Television Studios & Theatre
Screenings – Film/Movie Showings, Football Games, Tennis Matches & Sporting Events (remember we do hire too!)
Product Expos – Trade events & product launches
Communication – Conference rooms, control centres & highway signage

Working with the biggest brands throughout the UK

Our Products

Flat, Curved or Flexible LED Screens

PIXITE Indoor Series

High Clarity, Commercial Grade Displays

PIXITE Digital Signage

Transparent Backed LED Screens

PIXITE xGlass Transparent

Tough, Weatherproof LED Screens

PIXITE Outdoor Series

Weatherproof, High Brightness Perimeter Screens

PIXITE Stadium Series

Touch Sensitive, Walkable LED Screens

PIXITE Touch Floor Series

We make LED Technology easy.