Pixite® GreenTech LED Screens

Our unique & bespoke British manufacturing process allows us to create an LED solution that’s light on material & energy costs. Intrigued? We’ll tell you how.

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Spectacular Image Quality. Economically Friendly. Reduced Costs.


Our most popular LED Screens use significantly less metal than the typical LED Screen cabinet provided across the global market, with our steel provided sustainably just 11.4 miles from our workshop in Manchester.


On average we use 25% less internal components to drive our LED Screens versus a comparable product, reducing material & energy usage across our range with no drop in quality for our customers.


Our Eco goals go beyond reducing material usage, our GreenTech displays use less electricity to run & in 2021 we offset our carbon usage by planting trees across our area in the North West using a Quality Assurance Standard provider.

Pixite® Materials

Our Pixite® Indoor Series LED Screens are crafted for your business. We stay away from standardised cabinet sizes & bespoke create an LED Screen for you, but why does this matter?

This gives us the flexibility to build you anything from a 16:9 Screen, to a display that fits the side of your shipping container or a totally unique display size for your new retail space.

Our specific understanding of LED technology & construction creates a special formula whereby our screens require no heavy substructures or special wall preparation as with the majority of products, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Value Proposition

Our Pixite® manufacturing process enables us to offer a market leading value proposition to your business:

Lower Upfront costs

Lower Running costs

Zero Compromise on Quality

Cloud Content Management System included

Two Year Warranty

24/7 Client Support

Our most popular Pixite® LED Screens, from our Indoor Series range are proudly Made in Britain. This significantly reduces the environmental cost of our displays by minimising global shipping weights and it also allows us to produce bespoke screens with significantly shorter lead times.

All of our bespoke LED Screens include full installation as standard from the people who construct them ensuring unrivalled product knowledge.

Our Products

Flat, Curved or Flexible LED Screens

PIXITE Indoor Series

High Clarity, Commercial Grade Displays

PIXITE Digital Signage

Transparent Backed LED Screens

PIXITE xGlass Transparent

Tough, Weatherproof LED Screens

PIXITE Outdoor Series

Weatherproof, High Brightness Perimeter Screens

PIXITE Stadium Series

Touch Sensitive, Walkable LED Screens

PIXITE Touch Floor Series

Multi-Jointed LED Screens

PIXITE Creative Series

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