Dressing to impress is a must for brands these days and this concept should extend across all areas of your business if you’re to keep one step ahead of the competition, build a loyal following of customers and consistently bring new people through the doors.

Markets in all business niches are oversaturated and consumers have their pick of where to go and who to shop with, so keeping abreast of the latest in technology is a must to ensure you’re using all the latest innovations that you possibly can in order to attract new custom and really making a lasting impression – for all the right reasons.

Where digital signage and LED screens are concerned, there’s growing interest among the top-name brands in anamorphosis (also known as forced perspective), with digital out of home ad campaigns featuring warped imagery that creates the illusion of 3D depth – except on flat surfaces!

If you’re looking to immediately capture the attention of people passing by, this is certainly a surefire way to go about doing just that. It shows potential customers that you’re innovative and forward thinking, as well a hugely creative brand, one that isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and think outside the box.

Of course, the idea of anamorphosis isn’t a new one and it has been used in painting, sculpture, photography, film and toys – with artists experimenting with the concept from as early as the Renaissance. Da Vinci’s Leonardo’s Eye is one of the earliest known examples of this kind of toying with perspective… so it really does have its roots firmly planted in history.

Where the 21st century is concerned, anamorphic ads are incredibly engaging and eye-catching, so absolutely ideal for capturing the attention of hardened consumers, well used to being bombarded with marketing material.

Just take a look at this amazing example that popped up in South Korea’s Time Square last year. It’s thought that it’s the world’s biggest anamorphic illusion, with a giant wave looking as though it’s about to crash down on the heads of passersby.

Jun Lee, business development director at the creative agency involved, was quoted by Inside Chronicle as saying: “We want to create overwhelming experiences. Waves are beautiful and dynamic in themselves, but we chose them as our subject because they evoke feelings of comfort – which is much needed now.”

Or be inspired by this exciting illusion of Star Trek ship, The Enterprise, emerging from the side of an urban shopping plaza in Chengdu in China… a great example of how you can wow the crowds just with some screens and a little bit of ingenuity.

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