Pixite® Video Conferencing

Upgrade your Meeting Rooms with an easy to use Pixite® system, compatible across all major VC platforms including Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Integrating with screens sizes from 32″ to 165″ plus!

Why Pixite® Video Conferencing?

Spectacular Image Quality & Ease of Use

Complete Integration

With no laptops, cables or other clutter needed, our systems run completely independently meaning you can get your meeting started immediately, with no fuss.

4K Cameras

AI Powered, 4K Camera Systems with Speaker Tracking & Auto Framing with wild field of views and superb zoom lenses to ensure perfect visuals in any room.

Crystal Clear Voices

Superb Audio Clarity in even the most awkward of rooms with our AI-Enhanced Noise Cancellation system leveraging a massive deep-learning sound database.

Echo-Free Audio

With Room filling Sound, your caller’s voices can be heard with perfect clarity and with the integrate system they’ll be no distracting echoes providing a seamless experience.

Wireless Casting

With Plug-and-Share, you can easily share your screen in 4K without the need for any long-winded configuration steps, via Video Conferencing or straight to your screen for in person meetings.

AIO or Bespoke

Solutions for all rooms – from All-In-One, for Small to Medium Rooms, or our Bespoke Packages for Larger Spaces we can suggest the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Room Booking

With our multi-touch Panels mounted to the exterior of a room, people can effortlessly determine which rooms are available and what meetings are coming up. Paired with a Sensor the room can automatically be booked upon you entering.

Bespoke for Large to XL Rooms

Microphone & Sound Systems tailored to you

AIO for Small to Medium Rooms

All-In-One Meeting Bars with Tablet Control

Wireless Screen Sharing

Casting from virtually Any Device

Intuitive Room Booking

Easily see Room Status & Book Rooms


Dual Camera for Large to XL Rooms

4K Dual Lens Camera with Panoramic view to detect people in real-time and PTZ Camera to have the best view, all the time.

Single Camera for Medium to Large Rooms

4K Camera with 12 x Optical Zoom and mechanical Tilt & Pan Functions.

Mic Solutions Built For You

Discrete Ceiling Mount

Portable Wireless

Wired Table Mount

track every movement

Experience the exceptional performance of the Dual Camera, a built-in dual-eye 4K intelligent camera. With its panoramic camera for real-time participant detection and a PTZ camera for capturing the best picture. It ensures precise tracking of every movement in your Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Room. Powered by AI-driven features like Conversation Mode in Speaker Tracking, and Segment and Stage Tracking in Presenter Tracking, this intelligent camera delivers a smart and effective meeting experience.

Full Room Control

With the new Touch Panel Plus you can have multiple units for large rooms, allowing different views within the room to be controlled. In addition you can now use the Touch Panel Plus as a Wireless Casting Solution with built in support for casting from Windows, Apple, Android & Google Cast.


Dual Camera for Medium Rooms

10x Hybrid Zoom and 4K with a 120° field of view to ensure everyone is on screen

With AI-Powered Auto Framing

Single Camera for Small Rooms

20 Megapixel Camera and 120° field of view to ensure good clarity

Speaker Tracking as you move around the room

BAckground-Noise FRee

AI-enhanced noise cancellation makes the audio experience spectacularly clear. Leveraging a massive deep-learning sound database to reduce background noises, the distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footsteps, and other ambient noises are smartly pared back, ensuring that users enjoy crystal-clear audio quality.


The built-in 8 MEMS microphone arrays and speakers in our MeetingBar completely cover up to 6-meter medium-sized spaces. As the MeetingBar is equipped with a powerful independent audio processing unit, you can enjoy a worry-free, full-duplex voice experience with superior performance.

Touch panel control

Free from cables, laptops and distractions – with our Tablet control you can simply jump straight into your meeting, removing potential compatibility and tech problems. Making everyone’s lives easier. In addition the Touch Panel can act as a Collaborative Whiteboard allowing you to annotate shared screens, or even control the device.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Connectivity for everything

Easily Connect with Windows, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android & Google Cast

One Tiny Device

To Power your Meeting Space with Full 4K/60FPS

Connect up to Four Devices Simultaneously

Uncompromising Security

Transmitting the casting content only within the LAN, our Wireless Casting safeguards the data and transmission process WPA2-PSK and 128-bit AES encryption. To prevent interruptions from unauthorized users and keep the meeting stable and safe, we also supports PIN authentication for Miracast and AirPlay (Windows/Apple).

Fast & Easy Deployment across Existing Screens

Our Wireless Casting Solution is easily deployed with 1x HDMI Cable and can be powered with a Power Adapter or simply over PoE for a variety of use cases.

Intuitive Room Booking

See Room Status with Ease

With Vibrant LED Lighting, there’s no more walking in on meetings or logging into networks to see when a room is free

Your Choice of Screen Size

Pick a RoomPanel Design which Suits Your Space

Effortless Installation on any Surface

The included mount bracket and cable management enable you to easily install the devices with just one cable. Moreover, you have the flexibility to mount the RoomPanel Plus on the glass, wall, or with a mullion, depending on your specific space requirements.

Video Conferencing Projects

Working with the biggest brands throughout the UK

We make Technology easy.