Pixite® Stadium Series

Perfect on camera, high brightness, water & dust tight advertising screens for stadiums, courts & much more.

Why the Pixite® Stadium Series?

Spectacular Image Quality & Long Term Stability

Protection for Players & Screens

Our Stadium Series contains an extremely resistant Rubber Mask on the front of the screen, deflecting impacts, coupled with a discrete Rubber Top to Protect Players.

UltraHigh Refresh Rate

Running at a Spectacular 7680Hz, our Screens run at the same rate as a high-end production studio Guaranteeing Zero-Flicker even in Slow-Motion,

Slim & Modern Design

Measuring only 84mm deep and with full cable-covering backplate as standard, your screens look as fantastic for fans behind the screens as they do in front.

UEFA & FIFA Approved

Meeting full Safety & Camera standards to be used at the highest levels of world sport, the Stadium Series offers a product you know you can trust with full Safety Gate Solution.

High Stability Backup

Including internal Power & Data Redundancy, plus all key electronics swappable within 30 seconds there’s ultimate reliability with a Pixite® Stadium Series Solution.

Designed for Uneven Ground

Stadiums don’t always have perfect, level ground and that’s why we’ve designed a Patented Height Adjustment Footer to ensure a perfect, seamless screen even in Close-Up.

Player Protection

With Soft Rubber Masks

Patented Locking Mechanism

To Provide a Seamless Finish

Completely Modular

Designed to be easily user-serviceable, there’s no need for extensive training or knowledge. Our 24/7 Support Line will help solve your problem in seconds.

AI Automatic Brightness Control

Conserving Energy, whatever the weather with an average power draw of 270w/m2

Cableless Rear Design

Seamless Front Design

Perfect Finish on any Surface

With in-built Height Adjustment to avoid any nightmare installations, we provide a full end-to-end solution

2 Year Warranty as Standard

The Next Generation Outdoor Display

Our modular technology allows us to build you a high resolution LED wall to any size, because it’s the details that matter.


Typical displays have a brightness of 350nits, our premium manufactured Outdoor LED video walls hit over 15 times that as standard.


Our team will install your LED wall anywhere across the UK: London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow etc.

Water Tight

Our LED displays are bespoke manufactured to an IP65 rating, protecting against dust and water to ensure year around viewing.


Our LED video wall technology means your image looks as beautiful as you intended with 14 bit processing.

24/7 Support

We’re only a phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions or technical problems. 

Superb Quality. Excellent Longevity.

How to choose your LED Screen in 3 easy steps?

  • Pixel Pitch

    Pixel Pitch is what defines the resolution of your LED screen, it refers to the density of the LEDs. The lower the pitch, the closer a viewer can stand.

  • Design

    With width + height measurements & the viewing distance discussed we can recommend the correct LED display for you including the design options.

  • Content Management

    Content is King – as is the delivery system. Our experts will recommend the correct software & hardware solution for you or integrate into your existing system.

  • Questions?

    Our key focus is to make your life simple, we don’t overwhelm with technical specifications, but offer clear, concise advice that gives you a clear route to completing the installations on time, on budget and to a superb quality level.

Specification Options

Unsure which option you need? Just drop us a message, we’re here to help.

Pixel Pitch6.6mm8mm10mm
Resolution per Module (320 x 480mm)48×7240×6032×48
Refresh Rate≥7680Hz≥7680Hz≥7680Hz
Panel Resolution192 x 144160 x 120128 x 96
Cabinet Weight47KG47KG47KG
Common Spec.Common Spec.
Cabinet Size1280 x 960 x 84mmLifetime100,000hrs
LED TypeSMD 3in1 LEDWarrantyTwo Years
Viewing Angle (H/V)160°/120°ProtectionIP65

All images & information provided is correct at the time of publication, please confirm with your account manager prior to purchasing for details.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Applications

Over our two decade history we have installed LED displays across the UK & Europe both for indoor & outdoor use. Below you can see some of the most popular industries & uses:

Advertising – For retail shops, flagship stores, shopping centres, large outdoor screens & window displays
Hospitality – For large events, music stages, nightclubs & bars
Outdoor Arenas – Football Stadiums, Music Arenas & Festivals
Entertainment – Television Studios & Theatre
Screenings – Film/Movie Showings, Football Games, Tennis Matches & Sporting Events (remember we do hire too!)
Product Expos – Trade events & product launches
Communication – Conference rooms, control centres & highway signage

Working with the biggest brands throughout the UK

Our Products

Flat, Curved or Flexible LED Screens

PIXITE Indoor Series

High Clarity, Commercial Grade Displays

PIXITE Digital Signage

Transparent Backed LED Screens

PIXITE xGlass Transparent

Tough, Weatherproof LED Screens

PIXITE Outdoor Series

Weatherproof, High Brightness Perimeter Screens

PIXITE Stadium Series

Touch Sensitive, Walkable LED Screens

PIXITE Touch Floor Series

We make LED Technology easy.