CLAP Knightsbridge 2mm LED Screens

Global Fine Dining Restaurant, CLAP Knightsbridge have just opened (January 2024) their brand new venue in London. We were approached during the design stage to execute the show stopping design concept & help to create the ‘Sensory Japanese Dining Experience‘. Pixite® installed three LED Screens in our UHD 2mm pixel pitch giving stunning 4K visuals across the screens.

The three screens consist of a spectacular Curved 6.7 x 1m Bar Back display, which blends seamlessly with a 6 x 2m Resin Protected (GOB) Table Top Screen. Here the GOB Protection offers a wonderful, smooth finish to the screen offering impact & water protection which is very important given the proximity to the bar & potential for drinks spillage.

In addition to the seamless bar back screen, we also provided a 6.7 x 2m Screen to the rear of the Booth seating which maps together with the other screens meaning content can fully takeover all screens simultaneously. This creates a breath-taking, sensory experience when in the restaurant.

What makes a Pixite® LED Wall different?

Unlike most other suppliers we manufacturer our LED solutions for you, not using imported generic cabinets – this allowed us to achieve a brilliantly shallow depth of only 62mm from the wall with significantly less weight loading than traditional solutions. This works perfectly in a retail environment because it takes up less space on the shop floor & allows us to offer fantastic value to our clients. As well as the spectacular appearance of such a giant LED video wall protruding less from the wall than even the thinnest of home televisions there are other benefits; we use significantly less materials to build our displays than most LED suppliers – this allows us to be much kinder on the environment & much kinder on our clients wallets whilst still offering our fantastic Two Year Warranty as standard.


Choosing a Pixite® display is the start of a long term partnership, we focus on bespoke built solutions to suit your needs, not simply shipping off the shelf products. We understand our products and we understand your needs; our aim is to be your LED partner now and in the future.

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