Johnson Digital Fitness Film Studio 2mm 4200Hz

Johnson Digital approached us to help create their new virtual production studio at their brand new Studio – we created a cutting edge installation measuring 8 x 3 meters of our Pixite® Indoor Series in a 2mm pitch and our brand new extreme high refresh rate of 4200hz. This high refresh rate ensures there is absolutely no flicker seen on camera making this display perfect for broadcast, live streaming or virtual production and ideal for use with any type of camera from DSLR to the top end Arri Alexa & RED.

Due to the fine pitch we were able to achieve a fantastic resolution of 4000×1520 ensuring crisp, clear videos & text from all distances.

LED vs Green Screen for a TV or Film Studio?

There are a couple of main reasons why choosing a Pixite® LED display can benefit your production pipeline versus a green screen; although the upfront cost is undoubtedly bigger than green fabric the ability to spend less time in post production keying people out and more time onset with the talent ensures a better performance from them and a better end product. The most recent big budget production to embrace this technique is Disney’s The Mandalorian, where they couple an LED Screen with motion tracking to allow for live tracked camera movement.

Another massive benefit is Pixite’s® UltraBright Technology, allowing an output of up to 1200nits on our indoor range which means real, live reflections on your talent, sets or products – something that is simply not possible to achieve in a timely or cost effective manner by using green screen.

Above: Example of use for Virtual Production

Want to upgrade your Production Studio?

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Choosing a Pixite® display is the start of a long term partnership, we focus on bespoke built solutions to suit your needs, not simply shipping off the shelf products. We understand our products and we understand your needs; our aim is to be your LED partner now and in the future.

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