Rendezvous 4.8mm LED Ceiling

Rendezvous is a large hospitality venue, working as a Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub at different times throughout the day. We provided a 6 x 3 meter Pixite® Indoor LED Ceiling Screen 4.8mm pitch which gives them the ability to play engaging visuals for their customers.

Beer Gardens, Pubs, Events & Festivals

Indoor LED Video Walls are fantastic when used at a large size in event spaces such as festivals, nightclubs or bars. We offer purchase and hire screens to suit you and your budget. We provide you with a Video Processor which accepts all common video inputs & we provide a custom Media Sever to integrate with your existing lighting desk.


Choosing a Pixite® display is the start of a long term partnership, we focus on bespoke built solutions to suit your needs, not simply shipping off the shelf products. We understand our products and we understand your needs; our aim is to be your LED partner now and in the future.

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