Sellafield Nuclear Site 3.9mm Outdoor

Sellafield, a major nuclear power site in the United Kingdom, has continually sought innovative solutions to enhance safety and communication on-site. Recognising the need for real-time, clear, and effective communication, particularly in emergency situations, Sellafield decided to implement a state-of-the-art outdoor LED screen. The chosen screen features a 3.9mm pixel pitch and 6000 nits brightness, making it highly visible and suitable for delivering critical safety messages.

Screen Specifications

  • Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm
  • Brightness: 6000 nits
  • Screen Size: 5m x 3m (for a total display area of 9 square meters)
  • Weatherproofing: IP65 rating for protection against dust and water

Have a complex site you’d like a screen for?

We’re used to dealing with complex locations such as Nuclear Power sites and Airports. Implementing detailed Health & Safety processes and safe working practices to ensure we minimal disruption.

The implementation of the outdoor LED screen at Sellafield has been a success, meeting all the key objectives of enhancing safety communication, increasing visibility, and improving operational efficiency. This case study highlights the importance of integrating advanced technology in industrial settings to promote safety and operational excellence. The 3.9mm pixel pitch and 6000 nits brightness have proven to be ideal specifications for the challenging environment at Sellafield, ensuring that critical safety information is always visible and accessible.


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