Sherman Theatre Freestanding Digital Signage

Sherman Theatre based in Cardiff, Wales approached us to convert their current, primarily paper based advertisement strategy to digital. The main goal was to modernise their advertisement delivery, including the ability to remotely manage the content wirelessly from a web browser – with our included lifetime CMS license we were able to offer this.

Another key advantage of switching to digital was the ability for them to playback video & multiple images meaning each advertisement point is able to communicate significantly more on a per person basis than static, printed material.

In order to achieve these goals we provided 2 products • 2 x 55″ Freestanding Display • 1 x 55″ High Vibrance Display. The Freestanding Displays were chosen for their flexibility, with their included caster wheels they can be moved to any part of the lobby & the WiFi module inside means they can still be controlled. Other strong points of the Freestanding Displays are their 450nit 55″ IPS panel, this is significantly brighter than typical home TVs which ensure a high level of visibility even in their brightly lit lobby.

Further into the lobby we added a wall mounted 55″ High Vibrance Display, these measure a fantastic 700nits in birghtness ensuring everyone’s eye is drawn to the advertisements. Despite their powerful Android operating system containing our Cloud Content Management System (CMS) & their high powered brightness, the displays come in at an impressive 50mm in thickness.

Cloud CMS

To manage playback on their displays we provided a Cloud Content Management System allowing our client to remotely manage all playback on their screen, with advanced scheduling features & fantastic ease of use. We were able to setup and train them on their new system within thirty minutes, with all of their team feeling they had a great understanding of how to use our CMS which underlines the intuitive design and well thought out playback controls.


Choosing a Pixite® display is the start of a long term partnership, we focus on bespoke built solutions to suit your needs, not simply shipping off the shelf products. We understand our products and we understand your needs; our aim is to be your LED partner now and in the future.

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